December 2016


  • GM’s Festive Message
  • SABI Branch Meetings 2017
  • SABI Magazine
  • Irrigation Wise Academy
  • SABI Western Cape Golf celebrates 18 years
  • Water Wise Survey

Message from GM

From myself and everyone at the SABI offices, I would like to say a sincere thank-you to all SABI members for your contributions towards the success of SABI in 2016.  Your inputs and participation mean a lot and are highly valued and appreciated.
As we move to the close of 2016, we look forward to a momentous and prosperous 2017.  We look forward to moving to new heights in South Africa and, simultaneously, building SABI into the premier African irrigation and water conservation organisation in Africa, as we continue to journey with you all. 

The SABI Congress will take place next year during August in the Western Cape.  We look forward to another fantastic Congress with you, don’t miss this event.

We extend our best SABI wishes to you and your family, have a joyous festive season, be safe and see you in 2017!


Your SABI branch meetings are scheduled to take place during February/March, June and October/November in 2017.  Riana invites company members to take the opportunity to market your company and/or irrigation product by sponsoring a branch meeting.  “The branch meetings are such a fantastic opportunity to showcase products and services to the irrigation industry decision makers.”

Please be in touch with Riana if you are interested in sponsoring a meeting:, 021 850 8220 or Cell:  083 303 3596


Look out in your post box for the new edition of SABI magazine, our December January 2017 edition.
SABI magazine was proud to be given a “worldwide scoop” on the news of the establishment of the Local Biodiversity Council, fascinating and important news, with the story unfolding in France, South Africa and Australia.

Also we have all the news of SABI’s Schools Awards winners. We have a story about Hose Manufacturers 50th Anniversary and How To plan your irrigation system in a greenhouse.
Piture of Dec/Jan front page.

We would like to thank all our contributors and our loyal advertisers for contributing to the ongoing success of the SABI Magazine.  To those who are not advertising yet – please do remember to look at the 2017 SABI Magazine rate card and feature list on the SABI website too. Book your advertisements now and contact us if you have products and services that may be of interest for an article for our features. Our rates and distribution are an unbeatable option for anyone looking to advertise to the agriculture, landscape, Greens and water conservation decision makers!

SABI magazine’s distribution, which is unique in South Africa, is about to become even better as we go into new partnerships for getting magazines to even more discerning readers in the agricultural, landscape and water conservation sectors. 

We consistently get messages from SABI members who spot our magazine at the Oliver Tambo International, Lanseria, Cape Town, Durban, PE and Bloemfontein airports. Our members got hold of the magazine at the business lounges and car rentals too, plus the Embassies and relevant corporate companies we distribute too.
(Liam will forward you pics of the magazine at the airport)

Please do remember you are welcome to subscribe your clients to the SABI Magazine as a gift. For more information, please contact Riana on

IrrigationWise Academy

For details of the courses to be presented by IrrigationWise Academy, please consult the 2017 Training brochure available at

Courses are advertised at certain locations on certain dates but please note it is possible to present any course at different locations - as long as a minimum number of learners are interested at a specific venue.  If you would like more information on any of the courses as mentioned in the brochure, require other courses or customized quotations, please send an email to or contact the SABI office 021 850 8220.

SABI Golf day – Anniversaries all-round! Congrats!

Can you believe the SABI Golf Day Western Cape has just celebrated its 18th birthday - and our main sponsor Hose Manufacturers have sponsored the event from Day One. Hose Manufacturers in fact are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year – congratulations!

Caption Caption Caption
Caption Caption Caption


Thank you very much for your support of the Golf Day! 

Our huge thanks to our amazing sponsors, players and supporters!  The golf day will take place next year on Thursday, 9 November 2017 – diarise now!


Water Wise Research to Improve Water Conservation

- please take the survey -

In an effort to better understand how to engage with various stakeholders in order to improve the effectiveness of water conservation awareness campaigns on behalf of Water Wise, you as a SABI member have been selected to participate in a survey that will be used to:
·          Gather a general understanding on causes of water shortages
·         Assess the potential measures available to address the crisis
·         Ascertain key communication models to address the plight

The questionnaire should take approximately 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary and you may withdraw from the process at any time.  Your response and participation is however very valuable to us and we would appreciate your assistance.  The collated results of the study may be published, however, your individual responses will be kept confidential.

The questionnaire has been divided into 4 sections.  Section 1 asks for general organisational background information, Sections 2 assesses your current level of water security awareness, Section 3 asks for recommendations regarding potential solutions to improve water conservation; and Section 4 covers effective communication methods. Please complete all the sections.

Thank you for your time and contribution to this research study.  Please do not hesitate to address any enquiries about the questionnaire or the research study to:

Bradley Janse van Rensburg
Student at GIBS
MBA 2017 Candidate
Part Time Group Yellow
Syndicate 1
Cell: 083-415-4121
Day time Landline: 011-554-8132


SABI, and 021 850 8220